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Have you ever noticed that life isn’t always on social media? Have you ever gone out and looked at what everyone does for every day life or do for fun? Go to Port Clinton Ohio, you’ll see fishermen, boats, even people walking or running with their dogs. Watch the sunset on the water and relax. Check out events around your area and go out, see what others do after work or on the weekend off of work. Go to Cleveland Ohio for a party, have a few drinks with your friends, get lost in the music that the band Old Skool Cleveland sing. Let loose and have fun.

It was hard to find certain events around my area, you got to keep your eyes open, ask around, go out and search for things to capture. Some events got canceled on days I didn’t have to work. Only getting two days off and requesting a day off to go to Cleveland for an event was hard to do since we get busy this time of the month.

Everyone doesn’t just sit at home in their pajamas and eat pizza in front of Netflix, they don’t hide behind the computers on Facebook. They go out and do things, create time to do something active.

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