Alex Brady was born and raised in Whitehouse, a friendly, small-town Ohio village.

She graduated from Penta Career Center in Perrysburg in 2016, graduating at the top of her class. While at Penta, she grew to love photography while taking an Interactive Media class. She now attends Owens Community College to continue her studies in photography, where she is working to get her career started.

As an Owens photography major, Alex continues to learn more about what her camera can do, and how to be a better photographer. Through her Visual Storytelling class, she is merging out into the social media world, where she will share her passion for photography. Alex has always loved telling stories, something she takes pride in.

Her deep passion for photography allows her to snap and share how she sees the world and the people around her. She loves to show other perspectives and the beauty in our world, and photography gives her that opportunity.

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