The Best of Sunshine

Sunshine creating community located in Maumee Ohio, offers residential, vocational, clinical support, therapeutic, and recreational programs to men, woman and children with developmental disabilities. By doing so, this community operates a coffee shop and an art studio allowing them to understand and learn about working for a better future  as they grow.

This community allows individuals to have a voice in making a decision for themselves no matter how big or small it is. Sunshine makes sure that their individuals are safe and comfortable with their living. While working together and learning, Sunshine offers access to the barn where they help take care of the animals, the greenhouse, gymnasium and sensory room.

My class and I went to check out this community, these individuals have very unique skills and those who work with them are very understanding and helpful in making sure that they are comfortable and know that they have those to confide in. The relationship between Sunshine’s staff and their individuals are strong and understanding, giving off a positive vibe that they’re getting the help that they need. Sunshine allows these individuals that have special abilities to challenge themselves giving them a chance to know what they can do and grow from there. It amazes me how their connection is and how well they learn from what they’re given.

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