“Voices of Storytelling: Air Force Veteran” Podcast


During this podcast project, I learned more about the person I interviewed and how to be a podcaster all in one day. As from what I read in the instructions given to me, podcaster Jerod Morris explained, “A good interview will deliver the unique perspective and experience of the interview subject to the audience in clear, easily digestible conversation.” To me it meant that an interesting story on the person of the subject you want to discuss, is a podcast worth listening to. That is because it is unique and tells about what the person went through or something very grabbing about them that makes the listeners want to hear more into this podcast. It was a little hard to put together with a lot of thinking, questions to ask, constant do overs, trying to sound comfortable without getting nervous, editing and trying to make sure your subject doesn’t say um so much even when in editing I had to cut a lot of that out. Overall, I think this podcast sounds pretty good.

I chose to do my neighbor who was in the U.S. Air Force, not because Veterans day was November 11th, but because I wanted to learn more about his time in the Air Force and what he went through interested me. I wanted to make this podcast for the future generation to understand more about the veterans, past and present, who fight for our freedom. So that those would be more respectful to them because they go through so much, even being away from their families and worrying on when they were ever going to come home. It’s a tough life to live. I personally made this podcast to not only thank my neighbor for his service but also to other veterans out there for their fight on our freedom. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be where we are now. So thank you, your service is much appreciated.

Advice for those who are learning to become a podcast for a future career, think ahead of time, add creativity into your podcast, enjoy and have fun with it. I enjoyed this project and hope you do as much as I did.