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Have you ever noticed that life isn’t always on social media? Have you ever gone out and looked at what everyone does for every day life or do for fun? Go to Port Clinton Ohio, you’ll see fishermen, boats, even people walking or running with their dogs. Watch the sunset on the water and relax. Check out events around your area and go out, see what others do after work or on the weekend off of work. Go to Cleveland Ohio for a party, have a few drinks with your friends, get lost in the music that the band Old Skool Cleveland sing. Let loose and have fun.

It was hard to find certain events around my area, you got to keep your eyes open, ask around, go out and search for things to capture. Some events got canceled on days I didn’t have to work. Only getting two days off and requesting a day off to go to Cleveland for an event was hard to do since we get busy this time of the month.

Everyone doesn’t just sit at home in their pajamas and eat pizza in front of Netflix, they don’t hide behind the computers on Facebook. They go out and do things, create time to do something active.

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The First Amendment Speaks Out

What is the First Amendment? The First Amendment means that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

So therefore, the First Amendment means to me that it can’t take away the rights we have as citizens. They can’t force us not to stop getting the truth out, being the speakers of the people who need a voice. The government can do all they want but they can’t take away the right for photojournalists from getting it out there for those who deserve to know what is going on. They can’t keep the news from filming and speaking out the truth of society today. Everyone has the right to their religion, their opinions, and anything else that makes them human. They can’t take away what we have and invade our privacy as if they don’t want us to be happy with what we do or help in any way to get us out there. Although as photojournalists, we must go by the First Amendment and be cautious of others’ privacy. Otherwise we’ll be like what we don’t want the government to do, invading privacy that we as people should respect. Never go above and beyond just to get a good story out of something that may be a part of someone’s private life unless otherwise allowed. When it comes to the First Amendment, we’re allowed to give those a voice if you’re not going too far into their life. Ask questions and don’t ever get too close with the camera. We are photojournalists, not the paparazzi, unlike them we keep it professional and abide by the rules. We don’t stick our cameras in where it doesn’t belong.

As for the First Amendment forbidding the abridgment only of speech, photojournalists have always known that its protection doesn’t end at the spoken or written word. We as photojournalists have acknowledged that communication all fall under the scope of the first and fourteenth amendments. So, we take both photography and speech into play, by capturing a story and getting the information to help those speak out. Whether it is religion or a sad event that took place, we take part carefully. Abiding by the rules of the first amendment and not invading others privacy. Together we try our best to make the world a better place. The First Amendment is a document that allows all to communicate better without conflict or any other type of trouble, it allows the news, law and our people to be safe and respectful of one another. Photojournalists are those who get the story out there and by doing so, we want our viewers to feel like they can trust the public news and not rally against it. How else would we be able to speak out? Share what you think about the First Amendment and its rights. All opinions are valued.